Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Michelle & Rene on Their Special Day!

So I had the absolute pleasure of working with this bride, Michelle. She is beautiful on the inside and out, and made my planning so enjoyable. She married Rene on February 4th! Believe it or not they met on a cruise several years ago, and love simply brought them together. I would normally say "the rest is history," but in their case, the best is yet to come. They compliment each other so perfectly and you can see their happiness from a mile away.

This event was based around a vintage idea with a modern twist. The room was lit with purple lighting all around to create a lounge-type mood, while incorporating elegant style centerpieces to compliment the vintage vision. There were 3 styles of centerpieces and round, square and rectangular tables all around the room. We created varieties of styles to make the room look different from every vantage point. We used pintuck linen and lots and lots of candles...EVERYWHERE!

There was a wishing tree that allowed guests to leave special notes for the newlyweds, and there was also an old piano that we used as a table for pictures of all the women in her family that had been a bride. The table looked spectacular. AND of course there was a photo booth and a dessert bar to allow guests to enjoy some additional specialties on this very special day.

The music was amazing,  the crowd danced the whole night, and I was so happy to see their wedding dreams come to life. Thank you Fernandez Photography for these gorgeous pics.

Michelle and Rene: Thank you a million times for allowing us to be a part of your special day. It was incredible, and I am happy to have found 2 new friends along the way. Congrats once more... besitos!

Visit Facebook for more pics on this incredible event. Mia Bella Events & Design

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Tips for Tips!

Time and time again, I receive inquiries about appropriate tipping amounts for wedding vendors. It's definitely a gesture that shows your appreciation and gratitude for the services rendered, and therefore it is something to consider when working on your budget. While some vendors become your friends, others create the vision you've been dreaming about your whole life. It's great when clients reach out and show they care. I personally LOVE receiving thank you notes. That's more than enough for me, but I know that money can make the heart skip a beat. So what's it worth? What's the value? What's appropriate? Well here's a little guide for you to use as a cheat sheet. Happy Planning!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Food for Thought

Pictures by Justin Marantz in Style Me Pretty

I remember growing up and my mother used to tell me, "Vicky, don't play with your food!" Now I am all grown up and I just can't help but laugh because in my chosen field of work, I am totally playing with all types of food. Working with caterers is so much fun. Challenging their ability to work with colors, textures, and presentation is an opportunity to create
one-of-a-kind ideas that will make your event unique and tasteful, no pun intended. Coming up with ideas is easy. Just ask yourself, what do I love to eat and simply make it part of your menu. Let's avoid the traditional fancy shmancy food and create something that guests will really enjoy!

Many weddings carry the same traditional appetizers during cocktail such as pigs in a blanket, meatballs, cheese platters, etc. Guests would not expect to read grilled cheese or french fries on a menu, but I say, "why not?"'s all about presentation. Caterers have been able to create innovative ideas to transform a typical grilled cheese sandwich into a classy wedding appetizer. Combining this homestyle favorite with a classy mini glass filled with tomato soup is sure to capture your guests interest. Another idea would be to offer your guests some beef sliders and fries presented in a paper cone! This is so cute and let's face it, who doesn't like burgers and fries? This is a definitely a fan favorite.

Some of these pictures are other ideas that have caught my eye and left me saying, "cool" "amazing" and "wow." Give it a try for your next big event. Put your caterer to the test. Be innovative, be creative and simply be you! Happy Planning

Chicken Salad with Peas in Celery Rib
Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup - from Style Me Pretty (Pic by Justin Marantz)

Bacon Wrap

Prusciutto Asparagus Puff Pastry from Roon No 17
Latin Dish - Arroz Con Pollo & Olive in a mini martini glass

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Divine Desserts

Picture Credit- 1 Wedding Source Website
Now we all know women love chocolate, but then again, who doesn't like dessert? Everyone has a sweet tooth every so often; some people more than hem! Well why not bring some sweet creations to your big day. While guests always expect the traditional cake to be dessert, what about surprising them with a dessert station to allow them  various choices of bite-size treats? I've personally done it a bunch of times for various clients, and it's always been such a hit! You can serve mini cakes, eclairs, chocolate mousse in little shot glasses, fruit cups, mini pies, cake pops, etc. May I recommend picking some desserts with fruit toppings like strawberries or raspberries. It adds color to the presentation and creates greater appeal. You can also decorate the station with flowers or centerpieces that match your event's decor.

If you find yourself running into trouble while trying to create an amazing station, give us a call. We can do it for you! Until next time...Happy Planning!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Picture This

So I know I know it's been over 2 months since my last post. Sorry friends. I've been so overwhelmed with work, but I promise to blog a bit more often. I have had so many brides ask me about photo booths, that I thought I'd post a little something that can be helpful when planning these added details to your big day. I stumbled upon this picture from the Susan Ross Photography website and thought it was perfect to add to this post.

Brides are struggling to make their day unique and there is a total trend regarding these photo booths. Well, my friends, here's an idea without digging deep into your pockets. A simple backdrop can be created at your venue either by you or your photographer (if they are up to it) and you can bring a box of props as well. Just have an hour of your event (during the party) dedicated to having a shoot with your guests. Tell your photographer to take fun pics of your guests during this hour like this bride did with her guests. You can always use a polaroid as well to have on-the-spot shots. This will capture the same idea and your guests will have a silly time, while keeping costs low. Use this pic as inspiration. Start thinking! Start planning! What will your photobooth look like?

Monday, December 5, 2011

Hot Pink for a Hot Momma!

Life's blessings are so rewarding, and no one can deny that a baby blessing is one of the most miraculous blessings of all. Sandra & Mo are such incredible parents already, and they wanted nothing more this year than to get pregnant and add to their, already amazing, little family. Baby Olivia is on her way and we couldn't be more excited for them.

I began planning for this event a few months back. I wanted to incorporate a modern twist to a traditional shower setting. So the planning began, and a hot pink and lime green concept was the core of all the details. We designed and produced the custom invitations with matching brunch menus, which were placed at each seat. We offered Galaxy Raspberry premium table linen with apple green satin napkins. The napkins along with a red velvet cake pop from The Sweet Pop Shoppe were tucked inside of a pacifier at each place setting. So cute. Our green vases couldn't have been more perfect, along with fresh hot pink hydrangeas and a simple butterfly/peacock feather to add a little detail.

Our friends over at Shulas 347 hooked it up with an AMAZING brunch menu selection. From chicken and salmon to pancakes and french toast, there was a little bit of everything to choose from. Simply delicious!

Enjoy some of the pictures taken by Alejandro Castro Photography. They pretty much capture all the details.

Sandra & Mo: I am blessed to have friends like you! Thank you for trusting in me with all of your events and allowing me to be a part of all your special moments in life. Can't wait to see the little bun in the oven... I love you! XOXO

Monday, November 14, 2011

Simple Centerpieces

Hi Friends! Today I wanted to share some helpful tips on saving yourself some money on your big day. So many of my clients are consumed by the pictures they find online and in magazines and in search of the "ah-ha" details. When they finally realize that these details are out of their budget, they quickly turn to me for advise. My first response is to remember that "less is more!" Many times the simplest centerpieces are the most creative and memorable. Below are some ideas that will help keep your costs down.

First- remember that candles look amazing and add ambiance to the room. Therefore I always say to add candles to ANY centerpiece. (at least 4 per table) Some people use votive candles, floating candles, taper candles and some even hang tea lights from the centerpiece. Either way, they all look great.  This helps add elegance and isn't expensive.

Second- single flowers being submerged in a cylinder vase are always pretty. Sometimes I add a floating candle to add a little touch. Adding rocks to the bottom of the vase also adds a little detail, while keeping costs low.

Third- Are you one of those people that dislike greenery in your centerpiece? Looking for flower fillers and not green leaves all over the place? Well my solution is to always use hydrangeas. They are an inexpensive flower and their blooms are perfect to use to fill empty space in your arrangement. These flowers are also able to be spray painted in any color. They are perfect for the economical bride.

Until next time... Happy Planning!