Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Michelle & Rene on Their Special Day!

So I had the absolute pleasure of working with this bride, Michelle. She is beautiful on the inside and out, and made my planning so enjoyable. She married Rene on February 4th! Believe it or not they met on a cruise several years ago, and love simply brought them together. I would normally say "the rest is history," but in their case, the best is yet to come. They compliment each other so perfectly and you can see their happiness from a mile away.

This event was based around a vintage idea with a modern twist. The room was lit with purple lighting all around to create a lounge-type mood, while incorporating elegant style centerpieces to compliment the vintage vision. There were 3 styles of centerpieces and round, square and rectangular tables all around the room. We created varieties of styles to make the room look different from every vantage point. We used pintuck linen and lots and lots of candles...EVERYWHERE!

There was a wishing tree that allowed guests to leave special notes for the newlyweds, and there was also an old piano that we used as a table for pictures of all the women in her family that had been a bride. The table looked spectacular. AND of course there was a photo booth and a dessert bar to allow guests to enjoy some additional specialties on this very special day.

The music was amazing,  the crowd danced the whole night, and I was so happy to see their wedding dreams come to life. Thank you Fernandez Photography for these gorgeous pics.

Michelle and Rene: Thank you a million times for allowing us to be a part of your special day. It was incredible, and I am happy to have found 2 new friends along the way. Congrats once more... besitos!

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Tips for Tips!

Time and time again, I receive inquiries about appropriate tipping amounts for wedding vendors. It's definitely a gesture that shows your appreciation and gratitude for the services rendered, and therefore it is something to consider when working on your budget. While some vendors become your friends, others create the vision you've been dreaming about your whole life. It's great when clients reach out and show they care. I personally LOVE receiving thank you notes. That's more than enough for me, but I know that money can make the heart skip a beat. So what's it worth? What's the value? What's appropriate? Well here's a little guide for you to use as a cheat sheet. Happy Planning!