Monday, November 14, 2011

Simple Centerpieces

Hi Friends! Today I wanted to share some helpful tips on saving yourself some money on your big day. So many of my clients are consumed by the pictures they find online and in magazines and in search of the "ah-ha" details. When they finally realize that these details are out of their budget, they quickly turn to me for advise. My first response is to remember that "less is more!" Many times the simplest centerpieces are the most creative and memorable. Below are some ideas that will help keep your costs down.

First- remember that candles look amazing and add ambiance to the room. Therefore I always say to add candles to ANY centerpiece. (at least 4 per table) Some people use votive candles, floating candles, taper candles and some even hang tea lights from the centerpiece. Either way, they all look great.  This helps add elegance and isn't expensive.

Second- single flowers being submerged in a cylinder vase are always pretty. Sometimes I add a floating candle to add a little touch. Adding rocks to the bottom of the vase also adds a little detail, while keeping costs low.

Third- Are you one of those people that dislike greenery in your centerpiece? Looking for flower fillers and not green leaves all over the place? Well my solution is to always use hydrangeas. They are an inexpensive flower and their blooms are perfect to use to fill empty space in your arrangement. These flowers are also able to be spray painted in any color. They are perfect for the economical bride.

Until next time... Happy Planning!

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